Successful market presence for over 30 years

Who we are:

We are committed to offering our customers in Germany and many other European countries consistent top quality year round. To achieve this, we have established a system that assures strict control at every step of the way and provides first class quality.

The Günaydin Group success story dates back 30 years.

In 1978, Mr. Vahdi Günaydin established Günaydin Ltd. in Antalaya, Turkey. The company’s main area of business was export to Germany of a select range of fruit and vegetable varieties such as peppers, tomatoes and Pomegranates.

Not long afterwards, in 1980, Mr Günaydin established Vahdi Günaydin Import-Export, headquartered at the fruits and vegetable wholesale market in Hamburg, Germany. This step allowed Günaydin to market his products directly from the grower to the retailer.

In 1988, the company was reorganised as a GmbH (limited company) and changed its name into Günaydin Import-Export-Transport GmbH.

In order to ensure that his customers always enjoy the same top quality, Mr Günaydin founded a number of other companies with specialised tasks and areas of activity, whose efficient interaction and synergies characterise the Günaydin Group of Companies and guarantee its customers the high quality standards they have come to expect.

This general approach and many individual ideas and visions finally took shape as the Günaydin Group of Companies we know today. Meanwhile, Mr Vahdi Günaydin, the founder of the group, is supported by his two sons, Celaletdin Günaydin and Necati Yasar Günaydin, in the successful management of Günaydin Group.