Our company policy

Conformity with European food safety regulations is essential to our company policy.

Safeguarding human health and the environment are top-priority issues.

True to our commitment, we process our products in line with IFS (International Food Standards) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) rules.

Other important issues are to:

  • strengthen consumer awareness about food safety;
  • establish production programmes that protect both society and the environment;
  • reduce pesticide use to a minimum and use environmentally friendly chemicals;
  • promote future-oriented development projects in all areas of cultivation and processing in order to further improve quality standards;
  • comply strictly with hygienic production conditions;
  • ensure sustainable production and processing procedures, and continuously improve them in order to meet the highest standards;
  • satisfy the quality and safety expectations of customers and consumers;
  • achieve this objective by employing advanced agro-economic methods and the latest in production technology;
  • act in accordance with our social responsibility as entrepreneurs; and
  • create products that satisfy the expectations in a global brand;