Tailor-made programmes for food retailers

The Günaydin Group “Tailor-Made Programmes” for its food retailer customers.

Our customers provide us with their internal pesticide limit values and the lists of substances whose use they prohibit. For us, those data constitute binding customer requirements. At the beginning of the Season, the Günaydin Group provides its customers a list of growers and their Farmers’ Codes, which will be stated on the sales packages, as well as our plant protection programme and our Seasonal planning. In return, the customer undertakes to purchase the agreed quantity.

As part of the agreement, samples are taken in the cultivation area prior to the start of the harvest, which are tested for pesticide residues by our contractual laboratory Eurofins, Dr. Specht and Partner, in Hamburg. The results are disclosed to our customers. The fruits are only harvested and shipped after examination of the results by our customers and only if the customer-specific limits have been complied with.

At the instruction of our customer, random samples are taken from the delivered batches and again analysed. The test report and the results are sent to our customers.

In the course of our Seasonal cooperation, we jointly define corrective measures and suggestions for improvement, and implement them.

Our holistic system guarantees product safety on the highest level and underlines our self-concept as a competent and reliable partner of our customers. We are proud of this.