The Premium Brand

The Günaydin Group guarantees the right choice of varieties, supervision of environmentally friendly production and identification of the right harvest time. The best and most modern means of transport and an uninterrupted cooling chain are standard practice with Günaydin Group.

We carefully select our service providers and require them to conform to the same high demands and standards we ourselves comply with. This strict practice ensures the reliability of our TOROS brand – a brand customers can trust. TOROS guarantees consistently fresh, healthy and delicious fruit.

Determination, rigorous quality principles and strict discipline have secured our TOROS brand a strong position in the market.

Our Premium Brand TOROS embodies::

  1. TRUST, based on quality;
  2. SAFETY, based on traceability;
  3. MARKETABILITY, based on sustainability; and
  4. ADDED VALUE, based on better value generation.