The Günaydin Group products can be traced back to the local market in the cultivation area. Traceability is governed by an regulation which is strictly adhered to.

Every grower is assigned a code number which includes the GLOBALGAP registration number. With this coding system, we compile, among others, all records about field activities, the realised pest control measures, the Brix value at harvest time, the analysis report, waiting time in the processing plant, storage conditions and transport.

Growers keep a log on all their activities in the field, which is checked and approved by our agro-engineers during internal controls.

The relevant departments keep internal records which are registered on the product data sheets. The form sheets they issue allow traceability that takes account of the relationship between individual procedural steps.

The product packages are accompanied by customer complaint forms. These are evaluated and serve as the basis for any necessary countermeasures. The departments concerned subsequently inform customers about the measures taken.

The GŁnaydin Group offers its customers and consumers the highest in quality and food safety.


Günaydin carefully monitors legislation in the European Union and immediately implements any new requirements. We also monitor the publications of organisations such as EPPO, CODEX, FAO, WHO and GLOBALGAP, and take the necessary integration measures and implement any required changes.